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My Projects

I am a robotics and tech enthusiast. My research and life goal is to develop tech that can help make us best use of our only limited resource - life time!

One of my favorite application is Autonomous Vehicles. 

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Line Follower Robot

I designed/ built and coded up lane follower robot. It had 2 photon sensors to track where the robot's position is with respect to the line and align itself automatically while following the line. I did this project when I was in high-school in Australia. 


Supermileage Vehicle

We built a three wheeled vehicle for fuel efficiency challenge - Shell Ecomarathon, Philippines. We received 90km/l mileage with this vehicle. We achieved our universities' best position in the international competition and were also the best team from India. 


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Delta - CAS

During our master's at CMU, we were offered a project by Daimler Trucks to build a system for their trucks to avoid crash from oncoming traffic. We were a group of 5, where I was leading perception system which includes camera and RADAR sensors. 

Poster, Demo, Report


Traffic Cop Gesture Recognition

In lot of countries there are traffic cops deployed at busy intersection to manage the traffic. We built a Computer vision based classifier to predict intention of the traffic cop using temporal and spatial cues of the cops' motion.


Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 9.32.37 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-09 at 2.37.36 PM.png


HD-Map Auto Annotation

HD-Maps are a crucial component for solving autonomous vehicles.

As part of my internship at Aptiv, I developed a tool that can auto-annotate HD-maps, thus saving cost and time which was otherwise used in manual annotations. 

Granted US Patent

Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 11.09.29 PM.png


Robot Butler

We, in a group of 4, built a robot butler that can detect and serve drinks to the people sitting in the room. It detects the person and raises and lowers tray to serve the drink. 


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